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We translate your documents German - English - German in the following specialist areas:


Translations for Purchasing

Professional Translations


If you need specialist translations in the area of purchasing, please trust my competent hand when it comes to the following topics:

  • Conditions of purchase
  • Buying contracts
  • Purchase requisition
  • Supplier audits
  • Supply chain quality

A saying goes that it is in purchasing where money is made. It is strategic purchase that opens up new sources of supply and thus puts the purchase prices on the right track on a long-term basis. Then, operational purchase works with these prices and suppliers during its day-to-day business.

This is the reason why purchasing is not only the starting point of the entire product pricing, but also influences a company's solvency considerably by negotiating and stipulating the buying conditions, periods of payment etc. It is not for nothing that good buyers are employees that are in demand.

Translations in the field of purchasing not only require a lot of sensitivity in terms of negotiating situations, but also distinctive intercultural competence of the translators themselves. In addition, other sensitive issues like embargos have to be respected.