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We translate your documents German - English - German in the following specialist areas:


Translations for Data Protection

Professional Translations


If you need a specialist translator in one of the following areas, do not hesitate to contact me:

  • Privacy policies
  • User agreements
  • Agreements on the return of data
  • Cookie policies
  • Questionnaires on preliminary control
  • Order data processing

For some time, data protection has been an important issue. Times when privacy policies were necessary for applications and online trade only, are now a thing of the past. Practically every website needs its customised privacy policy or user agreement because personal data is processed everywhere. In the event of links to social networks or homepage analysis systems, additional regulations are in place.

Data protection has also entered other areas that do not come to your mind at first. For instance, this is the case when it comes to digital measurement and control of a household's energy consumption.

Thus translations in the field of data protection must not only be phrased up in the most accurate way. Furthermore, translators have to respect a possibly other legislation in the country of its target group or - in consultation with their customer - have to consult an expert correspondingly.