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We translate your documents German - English - German in the following specialist areas:


Translations for Accounting, Taxes, Duties

Professional Translations


If you need specialist translations in one of the following areas, I will be pleased to answer your call or e-mail:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Controlling
  • Financial statements (according to commercial law, tax law, IFRS and US-GAAP)
  • Tax advice and
  • Field auditing (tax audit)
  • Internal audit (statutory and voluntary audits of the financial statements and other business audits)

In many cases, the accounting department is the heart of a company. Figures can speak volumes and they are also extremely informative data of the company. According to their legal form, companies are often subject to different disclosure requirements.

In accounting, many parties mingle, one forming the working basis of the other: Controlling processes the data of balance sheet accounting; the tax advisor prepares the financial statements or the cash method of accounting which are the tax authorities' basis for assessing taxes; statutory audits are also an issue; an internationally producing company has to deal with inward and/or outward processing relief - the supervision of which is, in turn, an issue for the customs authorities.

Translations in the field of accounting hence require the translator to have a profound business-related know-how and often corresponding professional experience. 

For instance, if stocktaking is concerned, differences between British and American English can make a huge difference. 

Finally it is the translation whose function is to serve all the parties of the different languages involved.